On The Edge Of 19:

This month I’m turning 19. During this month I want to share with you 19 lessons I’ve learned about myself, life, creativity, work, love, finances, and anything else I can think of that’s resonated with me in the past 18 years.

This post is going to be the post that they all link back to. To make following my journey easy for people who may jump in or out, I will list each lesson I’m planning on talking about below and will link back to them when the post goes live.

Here we go:
1. If it isn’t helping you grow, it’s gotta go.
2. Only you are you, and that’s your superpower.
3. Budgeting is easy, sticking to a budget is hard.
4. You are your greatest advocate.
5. It’s really hard to consistently make great decisions.
6. Understanding your priorities is one of the most challenging things you will ever have to do.
7. It’s important to know who your people are…
8. …and to never let your people go.
9. Thinking about who you’re becoming is never a waste of time.
10. It’s hard to hustle hard.
11. Love is…
12. Why having a top 9 list is important.
13. You’re only as good as your process.
14. It’s okay to say no.
15. It’s okay to say yes.
16. You’re allowed to sleep, a lot.
17. Ambiguity is the enemy of progress.
18. Changing your mind is okay.
19. Being busy doesn’t mean you’re being productive.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mws R says:

    Happy 19th birthday.


  2. Mrs. B. says:

    Well thought out Randi. Cannot believe you will be 19 shortly!
    When you make this list for 20, years old, you should include don’t forget to take time out to do the things you love (read, bake, bike, visit your loved ones …). Life gets busy, but the things you love are what makes you who your are.


    1. Hm, you’re absolutely correct!


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