If it isn’t helping you grow, it’s gotta go.

I like to think of this lesson in a more abstract way… Most people would read this and think I’m going to talk about calendars and saying no.

However, my favorite way to think about growth is like a tree.

Specifically a fruit tree.

Fruit trees can grow wild and free and they can produce fruit that tastes great. They look gorgeous and are very aesthetic.

Or you can grow fruit trees in more of a controlled environment.

You take steps to prune them; in a way, you guide them to grow and operate more effectively. When you prune a fruit tree it produces more fruit.

The pruning process is awkward, and gross, and can be unenjoyable but the end result is more fruit than you would have otherwise imagined.

I’ve learned that life can be great and aesthetic. Or, it can be purposeful, intentional, and grand. When I think about habits, experiences, friends, tasks, etc., I have started thinking about if they are pruning me or leaving me.

I’m trying my best to lean into the tasks that prune me because I want to bear plenty of good fruit.

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