plants and people are a lot alike.

Succulents are all the rage lately. The thing about succulents is that they are kinda like a crockpot – set it and forget it.

Because succulents are desert plants they are meant to thrive with minimal attention. When you love a succulent too much you kill it. The trick is to water it and wait. You can’t rush it, you can’t push it, you have to let it do its own thing.

What I’ve learned is that we’re a lot like succulents. When we let other people love our time too much, it kills us.

This month, I’m saying no. I’m choosing to not water my calendar. I have to refuse to set it and forget it when it comes to my schedule. I have to proactively decide how much time I have to give and who I’m giving it too.

People are lovers, but like succulents, when we let people over love us, we get rushed, pushed, and pulled into things that don’t serve us.

My choice is to water and wait. When I choose my schedule and then don’t go back and add things in, I get to show up to each of those commitments refreshed and restored. I get to thrive.

The thing is, watering and waiting, setting and forgetting (whatever resonates most with you) is hard. It’s so tempting to add something in, to say yes, to “find more time.” The results, however, are usually less than ideal. It tends to result in being rushed, feeling pushed, and being lost on a path that doesn’t invigorate you.

My goal is to water my calendar like I water my succulents, one ice cube a week. One (maybe two) new addition(s) once a week to help relax and restore me so I can thrive.

My challenge for you?

Throw your calendar into a crockpot for a week and see what changes.

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