It’s important to know who your people are…

Finding your people is life-changing.

It opens you up to your greatest successes. Your people are your cheerleaders.

They are the best support system you can ask for and they are always around to equip and empower you to try again, no matter how hard you fell.

Your people are comfortable tackling the world, but also very chill to sit on your couch and chat or do nothing for hours on end.

The thing about your people is that once you have them, you don’t know how you could have ever lived without them.

What is craziest to me, is that maybe, just maybe, it’s true. You don’t know who your people are until it hits you. It will hit you in a random moment that no one predicted, say when you find yourself driving back from a concert that was in a city 3 hours away at 1 in the morning because the said driver knows it’s one of your favorite bands.

So what do you know when it suddenly becomes clear who your people are?

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