How Other People Use Facebook 1.3

After chatting with Jennifer Bober and Blue Sparrow, I decided to reach out to one more local business to see how they fought the Facebook Algorithm.

The Silk Road Fair Trade Market is located in the heart of New Wilmington. The Silk Road is about bringing cross-cultural understanding to the average customer.

I was so excited to chat with them because they are one of my favorite stores! (They are where I find my freaking awesome socks!)

However, while chatting; I yet again realized that maybe the best media is only formulated from your brand’s identity. Before we go much farther into that thought, let’s see what they do to crush their social media!

Like most business owners they try to post once a day every afternoon. They do skip posting on Sunday’s but, hey, we all need a day of rest, right?

They also don’t notice a change in their post-engagement with or without a call to action.

The Silk Road admits that their biggest struggle with social media is getting their impressions up! Since the algorithm changed, she noted that even paid advertising doesn’t get the same attention it used it.

While overall impressions might be taking a hit, she said when people see a post, they are usually in the store within a few hours to pick up whatever it is they like!

They noted that jewelry and scarves tend to get some interactions than any old content. However, she recently posted a picture of a metal bird standing in the snow, and it rocked the charts!

Overall the Silk Road is still getting content out on a regular basis and chugging away at finding what works best.

You can follow the Silk Road on both Facebook and Instagram @silkroadmarket.

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