How Other People Use Facebook 1.1

Well, after learning about some different ways that you can optimize the new Facebook Algorithm; I wanted to reach out and see how some local fav favorites were making it work.

First, on the list, I chatted with Jennifer Bober Photography. While she doesn’t have an official site, her BOTH her Facebook and Instagram pages are killing it! You can follow her on Facebook or on Instagram!

While chatting with her, she let me in on some of her favorite ways to get her post engagements up!

1) Plan Out The Week!

My favorite little motto is “do less better consistently!” Jen tries to schedule all her posts on Sunday evening & schedules for 4-5 high content posts to publish themselves throughout the week.

2) Content = Interactions!

Jen noted that she experiences a much higher interaction rate when she makes posting a priority. She did mention, however, that over-posting wasn’t helpful either! After a while, she found a balance that brings her posts to the surface without over-crowding the News Feed.

3) Know Your Audience

While it took Jen some time to fine-tune her Facebook experience now that she knows her audience, her posts are seeing the top of the insight page. In our conversation, she shared that single portraits always receive more attention than a group shot.

4) A Call-To-Action Isn’t Always Necessary

As someone who follows Jen, I know she doesn’t usually use a call to action. I took some time to ask about if she noticed a difference between when she does and when she doesn’t. Much to my surprise, she said her posts without a call to action actually have better results!

5) Don’t Be Afraid To Use Social Media

Lastly, I talked to Jen about how many of her sales come from being on social media. She admitted that her only forms of advertising were social media and word of mouth! While word of mouth has a slight upper hand, social media sales are on the rise!

Overall what Jen shared with me seemed to be a little backward, but from seeing Jen’s work in my News Feed multiple times a week, I’d say she’s doing something right!

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