The Purpose Of A Hobby

A hobby is defined as “an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation.”

As I interact with so many people day in and day out, it becomes clear that most people don’t have a hobby. Their hobby is scrolling through social media or browsing Pinterest.

A hobby is supposed to help you relax; it should be something that brings you pleasure. I want to counter the concept of social media being a hobby. Mainly because how many of us feel happy when we get off social media? Are we excited about how much other stuff people own? Or the vacations they take? What about the perfect lives they appear to live?

A true hobby should fulfill us, not tear us down. At the end of the day; a hobby should be something that brings joy not judgment.

A hobby creates a place for us to unload. Hobbies allow us to remove the negativity.

Without a space to create freedom, you are going to produce the same discontent and negativity that is around you. I propose we all have a hobby because we both know it’s not fun to be discontent all the time.

Give a little, pack light, and sow the ground you walk on.

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