How Other People Use Facebook 1.2

After chatting with Jennifer Bober, next on the list was a food truck that will rock your world!

Blue Sparrow is a food truck sourced in Pittsburgh, PA. They are all about bringing cultured street food to the city!

I decided to reach out to the owner and see if he would be willing to talk some marketing with me.

Luke was more than willing to answer some questions and chat with me about the truck!

What I discovered is that the most successful social media is going to come straight from your brand. People want to know who you are, what you’re about, and what you can do for them.

To appease these three main desires, Luke said they try to provide a steady stream of content. They typically end up with 5-8 posts a week depending on how many locations they will be at and how much postable media he has available.

Like Jennifer Bober Photography, he said they don’t usually have a call to action. They typically tell people to come eat food, but that isn’t a call to some type of social media engagement.

Unlike Jennifer Bober, Luke primarily uses Instagram but pushes all his content to Facebook and Twitter. Since his roots aren’t Facebook; he says his interaction is a little more limited. (Being a consumer, you would never know!)

Next, I was curious to see how his social media converted to sales. Luke said, at first social media was a huge growth point. Now it’s less about bringing in new customers and more about informing current ones. He talked about how currently their growth is related to word of mouth advertising and consistency within products and locations.

Lastly, I asked Luke about what content ranks the highest. Naturally, he said food and people! He’s learned that pictures of the truck and locations don’t get as much attention. A few other things he’s noticed is that picture quality, color schemes, branding, natural appearances, and vivid contrasts all make for more post traffic.

Overall, what Luke is doing is everything that seems to be working great! One thing that did stick out me what that he doesn’t use a Call To Action.

Maybe, the moral of the story is that when you create content your audience cares about they won’t let it just slip by.

You can follow Luke on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @bluesparrowpgh!

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