Days 211-217

Day 211 realistically, we’re all just tryna get our ducks in a row, you feel me? Day 212 Chicago is amazing, it’s also cold, and wet. 😉 but mainly, it’s amazing. There is always more to be seen and for an adventure, that’s my favorite part! Day 213 architecture is dope y’all. Day 214 actually,…

Days 204-210

Chicago, I think I’m sold. Day 204 sometimes all you need is your favorite green beanie & an adventurous spirit. even the 7 degree weather won’t stop me from exploring. Day 205 when we look a nature and identity something as thriving, isn’t it crazy to see how it doesn’t take away from the surrounding…

SEO For Starters

SEO, what is it? Well, I’m glad you asked. SEO is “search-engine-optimization.” This is what I want to call, SEO for dummies. I’ve spent a year managing social media, running Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, Snapchat accounts, Twitter accounts, you name it – I ran it. I spent time researching how to grow your organic reach…

Days 36-42

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Days 22-28

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