Just Do It (For Free!)

I recently read a Medium article by Tim Denning that talked about how to build a brand. You know, how to create flow and source revenue. Tim suggests that you give what you do away for free.

Tim Denning suggests four steps for finding success.

“Step One: Do something valuable for someone other than yourself
Step Two: Give it away for free
Step Three: Repeat the first two steps
Step Four: You’ll get the desired result if you keep doing it.”

I want to talk tangible, how do we apply these principles?! Well, as a budding photographer, I’m giving away free mini sessions until I leave for the summer. I wanted to build both my skills and my network of people.

Currently, I’m learning how to capture people. To provide photos that draw the personality out of the picture, photos that you can look at and feel the emotion. My goal is to create photos that evoke emotion from the subject to the observer.

Maybe along the way, it will be time to take it to the next level, but I’m sure the world will let me know when that time comes, until then. It’s all free!

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