Tangible Art

As an artist in 2019, I create a lot of digital art. I create photographs and videos, graphics, and poetry. All these amazing things that aren’t tangible. This Christmas I got a taste of what it’s like to see your art come to life. I was sent Christmas cards from families that included shots I…

Sunday Haiku

Life found its purpose. As the wisemen brought you gifts. Modeling service.

Do Something That Matters

I wouldn’t categorize myself as a millennial. However, by definition, I am a millennial. I am one of the last millennials and the start of the millennial workforce. I value doing work that matters. But how do we define what matters? What I’m passionate about probably isn’t what you’re passionate about. The ways I enjoy…

Sunday Haiku

Christmas lights shining, the world is merry and bright. Hope is in the air.

Day 218-224

Day 218 *insert cute caption about being in PA* Day 219 not only am I really thankful for great coffee, but I’m more thankful for the space that @tworiversnc provides. so many breakthrough moments of friendship have occurred in that perfectly authentic building. last night was no exception. Day 220 no one is you, and…