Value Creation Mindset

Today, I attended a Bridal Shower for my mom’s cousin. While I won’t go into too many details, I will give you a highlight. One of the bride’s good friends is a photographer!

I ended up sitting next to her and talking some photography fun during the meal.

What I learned is that the way people create value can differ. I want to attribute this to the way value is often defined. Value is something that you hold in high regard. It’s something that you put effort into polishing.

When you view what you create as valuable, you feel inclined to polish it. You want to refine the art of your creation. You believe that it can be better; so you take steps to make it better.

Long story short, what brought about this train of thought was how quickly she dismissed my 365 days of portraits challenge. For her, refining the act through daily creation wasn’t something that held value.

I realized that when you are comfortable with something that works; you will never really learn what you’re capable of.

So here’s to never finding what’s comfortable, with hopes of only discovering what I’m capable of.

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