Days 1-7

Day 1)

Rachel Lloyd. Rachel and I share such a kindred soul and are both passionate about reading, art, and nature.


Day 2)

Kylie Marie. Kylie is an identical twin that I’ve known for about 10+ years now. They happened to be back in New Castle for the weekend; it was such a pleasure to hang out and catch up!


Day 3)

Patrick. While I’m not super close with Patrick, when you see a good background, you have to take the shot!


Day 4)

Michael Daugherty. The man who helped me buy a DSLR!


Day 5)

Sweet Sophia. You bring smiles, love, and laughter to my heart every day I spend with you.


Day 6)

Nate and MJ. Boys will be boys? Or maybe brothers will be brothers.


Day 7)

Garrett. A nature lover, acquainted with the skills of a yoyo master.


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