Dreams + Goals = Crushed It.

Dream big dreams. Set big goals. Crush said goals. Without goals we go no where in life. So here are my favorite things to assess if I’m setting realistic goals. 1) They scare you. A good goal isn’t going to be easily achievable. To truly get the satisfaction you’re looking for; it’s gonna have to…


No. Big. Deals. It seems small, right? No big deals, yeah, the perfect little mantra to simplify life. But really, what does no big deals even mean? The phrase, no big deals, is one of the core mottos of The Philadelphia Project. This summer, I had the privilege to be part of the summer intern…

Days 29-35

Day 29 Day 30 Day 31 Day 32 Day 33 Day 34 Day 35 This past week I moved to Philadelphia for the summer! It was a little crazy, but that’s okay!

Value Proposition

For privacy’s sake, I’ve removed the name, but the gist is the same. Value doesn’t randomly appear, someone has to create it! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, After being a client and spending some time on your site, I have a few suggestions that could improve your booking and sales. 1) Your Contact page could use personalization. By adding…

Putting Big Ideas To Use pt. 3

Module 4 week 3 recap! Talking commerce, culture, and creativity. How has patronage, the market, and institutionalized support influenced the history of the world we know. Click here, to check it out.