Mastering Content Creation

Today, I want to give a few of my favorite tips to help kill your content creation. I’m well aware of how hard it is to create content that matters. Because I share in your struggle, here’s 4 of my favorite tips to create stellar content.

1) Have a visual.

Content that doesn’t also include a picture or a short video is not half as engaging. To a reader, it is less eye-catching. From iPhone photos to boomerangs make sure you include something that catches people’s eye. (I will note, that you can do a lot with iPhone photos, but don’t be afraid to up the game with a DSLR.)

2) Make your graphics ADORABLE.

Let’s face it, beauty sells. If you are posting graphics that aren’t vibrant and engaging, I wouldn’t count on your insights improving. If you aren’t a graphic designer, you don’t have to worry! They make tons of templates and examples to help you take your media to the next level, don’t be afraid to use them!

When you admit a weakness and attempt to cover your bases, that is the biggest act of a strength a person can commit.

3) Write content for your audience, not yourself.

Ok, this may be a personal opinion but coming from someone that is witty, most people aren’t. Now I understand the desire to have something unique and meaningful to say, but – your audience wants to hear from you! If you aren’t a witty person, posting witty content won’t resonate with the people that follow you. Staying true to your brand is a much bigger accomplishment than snagging a couple more followers from a witty caption.

4) Create a VERY clear Call-To-Action for every post.

If your followers don’t know what to do next, they probably won’t do anything at all.

Content creation is hard, but that’s ok because I know you’re up to the challenge. Share with me your favorite content creation tip! Let’s master content creation together!

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