The Master Of Your Creativity

Yesterday, I started thinking about how easily our minds affect our actions. Once we decide that we don’t want to do something it becomes exponentially harder, am I right

Without ever actually attempting the task at hand we have used the power of our subconscious to decide that it won’t be fun, we won’t be good at it, and we will just be wasting our time.

Now imagine that instead of letting that negative self-talk consume our brains we conquered our subconscious.

The self-inflicted limitations could disappear. We could potentially do whatever our heart desires. If we learn to harness the power of our inner dialogue, we can become masters at the mind games.

The biggest mind game we play is mastering our creativity. We fall victim to what the world says we can create. We hardly feel able to push through our walls to create something new. We allow the world to dictate our success; we let them control how much we create, what we create, and how we perfect the art of creating.

When it comes to mastering our creativity, it looks like constantly creating. If practice makes perfect; it’s about perfecting the art of disappointment. We will indeed be disappointed with some portion of most of our work. When we can continue to create in the midst of that disappointment; we have just proceeded to run light years ahead of everyone else.

To truly grow creatively, we have to push our own limits. We have to create content every day. Content wears many different faces, so find a media form that you want to succeed at and master it.

My fight with creativity has just begun. Here’s to using the creative muscles and growth from experience. Join me if you will, start small. Something like 30 days of daily blogging, or 30 days of daily youtube videos, or 30 days of a daily highlight photo, but whatever you choose to do, you must first come to terms with the role of your subconscious.

Start speaking life into those dry bones. Instead of telling yourself what you aren’t capable of, focus on the things you have mastered. Take the time to retrain your mind, because one negative thought shouldn’t have the power to wreck your day or your creativity.

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