365 Days Of Portraits

About two weeks ago an acquaintance of mine told the Praxis community he was committing to a 365-day personal development project. Since it’s such a long haul; he was opening the door for other people to join him, doing a project of their choice.

I choose to jump on board a few days late with photography.

I have always loved the essence of photography. I think pictures have a unique way to speak to the soul. Becuase of that, I didn’t just choose photography. I choose 365 days of portraits.

Each week I’ll be updating this page with a link to my recap blog post. If you want to watch this challenge unfold with a front row seat, follow me on Instagram!

Days 1-7

Days 8-14

Days 15-21


Days 204-210

Days 211-217

Days 218-224

Days 225-231

Days 232-238

Days 239 – 245