Days 15-21

Day 15)

This week started with a last minute shoot with a good friend. Stephen was a blast; we ended up laughing and chatting more than we shoot, but that’s ok!


Day 16)

I couldn’t choose.
pt. 1 — Abby and Sadie! I’ve been able to watch these girls grow up for almost 3 years; it’s been such a joy. Getting to capture them was an honor.


pt. 2 — Becca. I’ve known Becca since I was born. Our moms have been best friends since high school. Being able to shoot Becca’s senior prom was a dream. You looked beautiful, Becca!


Day 17)

Kelsey and Jordan! Engaged never looked so good, wishing you all the best for years to comes!


Day 18)

The Baker’s. Dads are always behind us, cheering us on, making us brave, and just plain being awesome. Getting to shoot Issac and Dad produced some of my favorite photos ever!


Day 19)

Again, couldn’t choose.
pt. 1 Nate kissed eight goodbye. This spunky, sassy, and sweet little dude is nine and I couldn’t be more proud of the little man he is becoming.


pt. 2 Lenny, showing me his biggest dinosaur rawr! This kid has such a sweetheart and a loving spirit. Watching him grow since he was born has been nothing short of splendid.


Day 20)

Soph-a-loaf! This little girl is brave and bold all at the same time! She makes me smile with her silly nature and she has taught me how to love every part of life.


Day 21)

Tobias Spencer. Don’t ever lose your sense of wonder, precious boy.


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