Day 218-224

Day 218

*insert cute caption about being in PA*


Day 219

not only am I really thankful for great coffee, but I’m more thankful for the space that @tworiversnc provides. so many breakthrough moments of friendship have occurred in that perfectly authentic building. last night was no exception.


Day 220

no one is you, and that’s your super power.


Day 221

There really is something about small town charm that I just can’t get over.


Day 222

i may not physically be with you each and everyday, its a good thing we have years of practice being long distance bff’s. I’m so excited for what’s to come & I’m sure it only means more adventures for us soon!!


Day 223

that’s what I think when I think of h.o.p.e.
– @aablemusic


Day 224

guys have I told you how much I love remote shooting?! cause it’s amazing. also these humans are some of my very favorite. they inspire me everyday and I wouldn’t know life without them❤️


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