Days 204-210

Chicago, I think I’m sold.

Day 204

sometimes all you need is your favorite green beanie & an adventurous spirit. even the 7 degree weather won’t stop me from exploring.


Day 205

when we look a nature and identity something as thriving, isn’t it crazy to see how it doesn’t take away from the surrounding beauty? it only adds to it.
i think humans get really caught up in thriving that they forget to let it add to the beauty of their surroundings. what do you think?


Day 206

even hours away it doesn’t take much to remind me of where my roots sit.


Day 207

have you ever taken time to consider that people are a lot like buildings. we all look different on the outside, but on the inside we have the same core parts. we all have lungs, hearts, brains, but once you check out the personal interior of the person it becomes super unique. every building has the same core parts. they have walls, ceiling, bathrooms, etc. but the personality of every building is unique. what really captivates me is that building don’t try to compete with the building next to it. they don’t try and be the tallest, or the coolest, or the most advanced. they own their authentic self knowing that they bring culture to the neighborhood they reside in. my conclusion, is that humans should be more like buildings. we should appreciate our authentic selves and know that we bring something unique to the neighborhood. so what are you waiting for? go add culture to your life!


Day 208

from PA all the way to IL. pack light. love heavy.


Day 209

”the best things are designed to stand the test of time.” – Andrew McMahon

Day 210

the buildings, the leaves, the sky = gorgeous


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