4 Weeks At A Startup

Today marked the conclusion of my 4th week at Ama La Vida.

This week was big.

– I booked my first intro meeting, with a few more on the horizon.
– We found a way to maximize our time when it comes to managing the CRM allowed us to reach out to more potential clients.
– We refined our voicemail approach.
– I over hit our prospecting goal for the next wave.
– I help draft up emails to go through the lost and abandoned opportunities.
– I wrote down sales goals to help me understand the numbers need to be working with to get the results we want to get.
– We found a workflow that not only makes sense but is highly effective.

The icing on the cake came today when we got confirmation of a massive Corporate Sales win. I ain’t about to spill the beans, but this was the yes we have all been waiting for!

So ya, working at a startup can be challenging, but some weeks, it’s just flat out awesome.

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