Should You Run Facebook Ads?

The hardest part about propelling your business marketing can be deciding where to run ads. Google can be a great option for some people, but it can be intimidating for others.

If you have a solid preexisting facebook page, running some Facebook ads could be your first step in killing the marketing game.

Why run Facebook ads?

Great question! Facebook ads can be a great resource to keep your audience engaged and informed through the year. With many different ad types, you have the ability to pick your focus. Some people want to focus on selling products, others on app downloads, and some on just spreading awareness.

No matter what your goal, Facebook can be a great foundation!

When you choose to create a Facebook ad you are going to create a campaign. Every ad set followed by every ad within that campaign has one goal. If you want to change your marketing goal, you would create a new campaign.

Once you have a goal and a campaign; you focus on picking your audience. Facebook has set this up with ease. You can show an ad to people that already like and interact with your page! With the ability to target people that share demographics with you, you will easily get your ad into the right eyes.

Once you have an audience, depending on the campaign style; you can pick your placement. Through Facebook Ad Manager you can create ads for Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and MarketPlace.

If you want to spread brand awareness MarketPlace or Messenger wouldn’t be the right move. You aren’t selling something. You are simply trying to get people to see your ad. You want to locate it on Facebook or Instagram where people browsing and scrolling have the ability to encounter it.

After that, you will set a budget and a schedule. While a budget is more personal to you; setting a schedule that operates when your business is open can be beneficial.

If you are open 9-5; don’t run an ad from 8-8. If people choose to contact you, they are going to have to wait. When people wait, they lose interest.

Lastly, depending on the campaign type; you will pick an Ad format. Different ads can show in different locations with different formats. Some of these formats include images, videos, slideshows, collections, and carousels.

If you are looking to expand on the Facebook interaction you already have, running Facebook ads can be a great investment of time and money!

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