An Actual Elevator Pitch

Today, I had the chance to give an actual elevator pitch. I was returning to the workspace after fetching some coffee from the 2nd floor when someone asked what startup I work with. I was a little taken aback. I replied and naturally, they asked what we do. I gave a brief description; before I…

Post Secondary Education Options

In the past few weeks, the news has been a breeding ground for conversations relating to Post Secondary Education Options. What people don’t realize that they have more options than they think! Of course, you can go to college, get a degree, and become buried in debt. Or, you can explore a less traditional option….

Should You Run Facebook Ads?

The hardest part about propelling your business marketing can be deciding where to run ads. Google can be a great option for some people, but it can be intimidating for others. If you have a solid preexisting facebook page, running some Facebook ads could be your first step in killing the marketing game. Why run…

The Ins and Outs of Network

I have recently been studying up with Google Ad Words Academy to learn the ins and outs of running Google Ads. I learned a lot of valuable information. I learned how to pick audiences, how to target people with SEO, how to make the most of your SEO by adding negative keywords, and most importantly…

Days 29-35

Day 29 Day 30 Day 31 Day 32 Day 33 Day 34 Day 35 This past week I moved to Philadelphia for the summer! It was a little crazy, but that’s okay!