Audience is Everything

Running Google Ads can be a beneficial way to boost your sites impressions, clicks, and sales. Once you have an ad created taking time to manage your audience is the best way to optimize your budget! After all, if you aren’t reaching the right people; you’re just wasting money.

When it comes to picking an audience, you need to think about what part of Google your customers are using. I go into more details about the two networks that Google runs in this post. However, a quick way to decide is to think about social media.

Like Twitter, the search network is mainly text; it’s where people go to find information and articles. If you look at Instagram, you find it’s largely populated by photos; this is more similar to the display network where people browse and look at products they consider buying.

Once you decide which network is best suited for your ad; you can go a little deeper into nailing down your audience.

If you are a small company with one location in say, New Castle, PA, you don’t want your ad showing to people in Alaska. Chances are, they won’t be investing any money into your company. The cost of letting them see your ad isn’t worth the benefit.

It doesn’t make sense to advertise to people on the other side of the country. You want to center your ad to the area surrounding you. This way you are spending money on people that have the ability to invest in return.

The next way to best reach your audience is to understand and target a demographic that has interest in your products. Thinking back to social media, chances are if you were marketing a video game you would advertise on Instagram or Snapchat. The demographics of tween/teen boys aren’t found on Facebook. So you wouldn’t show your ad someplace it’s not going to be seen.

You can narrow the demographics you reach to allow you to target people that are likely to buy into your brand.

Through understanding your demographics; you can help boost your ad even more by targeting the language your searchers will use. By putting specific keywords into your ad; you will show up when they search. You can also help narrow the audience by putting in negative keywords.

If your ad came up every time someone searched a common phrase, you would be broke! By removing the really common search phrases; you can help reach people that are serious about finding a product that will work for them.

Overall, if you pick the right network and have the right Ad content if it’s not reaching the right people; you won’t get the results you are looking for! When they said, “know your audience” they were on to something.

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