Value Proposition

For privacy’s sake, I’ve removed the name, but the gist is the same. Value doesn’t randomly appear, someone has to create it!


After being a client and spending some time on your site, I have a few suggestions that could improve your booking and sales.

1) Your Contact page could use personalization. By adding a bio, you will allow potential customers a chance to see who you are and why they want to work with you. While you could do this yourself, I am more than happy to rework the page with a bio and headshot of you, along with contact information.

People are naturally curious. They want to see the face behind the camera! By creating a more personal feel, you will find a bigger, more engaged audience.

2) Being a customer, I see a lot of action on your social media accounts. I think it will be valuable to link your Instagram feed to your site. The pictures are automatically updated and allows people to easily find you on social media.

By syncing your website and your social media, people can always see what you have been up to. You will highlight a smaller portion of your work in place of an overwhelming amount of content.

These suggestions will take minimal time on your part. I will simply need you to help with passwords/accounts to connect all the dots. I am more than willing to make this investment into your company because I love what you do.

Overall, I hope you consider my suggestions and will allow me to help you create value for your customers.

Randalyn Hill

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