The Truth About Travel

Travel, the age-old adventure of our souls. I adore travel. Finding and exploring new places brings my heart joy. So here is a list as to why I think everyone should travel.

1) It pushes your limits.

Travel has this way of taking you outside of your comfort zone. New faces, new territory, and sometimes even a new language all the push the boundaries of your world a little farther. If you travel right, you will learn what it’s like to be a minority.

2) Travel creates healthy space.

It’s not news to anyone that relationships of any sort are hard. Travel creates healthy space. It allows you to go and experience a new atmosphere and come back to a situation with fresh eyes and an open heart.

3) It opens your mind.

Every city has a culture. Travel lets you experience more of those cultures. Your mental world will have a new level of understanding when it comes to people and your surroundings. By traveling, you are equipping yourself with more tools to build your dreams with.

4) Travel expands your palette.

If I’m being honest, my favorite part of travel is trying new foods. Every city makes the classics in their own style, the best way to experience it is first hand!

5) It’s good for your soul.

Travel introduces you to a new assortment of people. Each and every culture will round out your soul in a way you could never have imagined. They will shape and define you. Your character will refine as you experience and enjoy the world around you.

Overall, travel is a delightful occasion that brings fresh air to your average day. Take time to embrace the world we walk on. Go travel!

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