Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

I live life on the edge. I toe the line. I break the rules.

My motto is,“do it and ask for forgiveness.”

Throughout my mere 17-year-old life, I’ve come to see that the majority of rules are made to be broke.

The concept of societal rules is to confine patrons to a specific culture. These rules create mindsets, style, and community. The majority of the population will shy away from breaking the rules for fear of never fitting in.

“Why fit in when you were made to stand out?” — Dr. Seuss

When you think of life as a game; you quickly get caught up in maintaining the rules. Are you wearing the right clothes? Do you have the right friends? What is the starting salary for your job?

These rules can all too quickly become overwhelming. Where is the fun in life? Why aren’t we living in freedom? What is the point of the Declaration of Independence if we let everyone dictate what we do?

Life is a game. I understand. We are all born into the same world, trying to get the same grades, trying to get the same jobs, trying to find the same joy.

I choose to break the rules because I refuse to get lost in the process.

Rule breaking doesn’t have to come as defiant. Rule-breaking can come as innovative, ingenious, or inventive.

The rule breakers have another name.

We describe them as trail-blazers. We know them as people of influence. We try to mimic their success. We applaud their victories and slander their failures.

Society puts so much weight on playing the game; it’s only response is to break when people refuse to take the bait.

I choose to break the rules because I refuse to operate out of fear.

Rule breakers, or should I call them trail-blazers, walk in the freedom of their minds. Never stopping to jump on the bandwagon, or waiting for someone else to start the trend.

Trail-blazers are the trend. They create value in a way that people never knew they needed. They fill a need before people are even aware of its necessity.

I choose to be a trail-blazer because I believe that ideas are powerful.

Trail-blazers are wise enough to disregard the inferior jealously that society brings. They can sort through the good advice and the bad. They aren’t afraid to look a little crazy for the life that they live.

Trail-blazers aren’t scared to create the world they want to live in. They believe that they are equipped with the power to change the world. They operate in the confidence of their persona.

I choose to be a trail-blazer because I have a vision for the future and I believe it can come to fruition.

The world is only made of two kinds of people, rule followers and trail-blazers. The choice is yours, who are you going to be?

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