Just Do Something

Recently, I have become acquainted with a concept that has changed my entire schedule. This concept isn’t hard, but it does require some intentionality.

It’s called, No Zero Days.

When you take a “zero” day, you aren’t using your time as an asset. You allow the calendar to dictate your success.

The goal of no zero days is to make a step towards your goals every single day. When you aren’t taking zero days, you will begin to see growth in the area you sow.

Not a leap, not a jump, but merely a step. One simple step to proactively help you reach your goals.

These steps don’t have to be gigantic. They can be as simple as listening to a podcast a day. Or, my favorite – Just 25 Pages A Day! If you are feeling more ambitious; you can take on a bigger challenge like daily blogging or 365 days of portraits.

When you’re serious about reaching those goals; just start doing something. But commit to doing that same something every day until you get where you want to be.

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