Why Daily Blogging

As a Praxis participant, there is a whole module for writing. One of the main focuses of the module is daily blogging.

While it is only required that you blog for 30 days, it was my choice to blog for 60 days.

Today marks day 56.

Daily blogging is more than just a task to past the time. Daily blogging is about conditioning your mind to organize its thoughts.

One of the reasons Praxis is such an advocate for daily blogging is because it forces you to overcome your fear of shipping your content.

Shipping content is hard, what are people going to say? What if no one even reads it? How do I come up with topics every day? These are all valid questions. The basis of content creation is rooted in why you create. Creating in an effort to please an audience only makes you a puppet in the game. Learning to create despite your subconscious is a step towards mastering your creativity.

Another reason Praxis requires daily blogging is that growth comes through steady practice and repetition.

Praxis has taught me a simple phrase. No Zero Days. Every day I take a step towards I goal I want to crush. Without letting myself get distracted; I am growing every day. Over a short two weeks, the growth is evident.

While having someone challenge you to something is great, I choose to blog for 60 days because I felt the difference in my mind. I was thinking more critically, engaged in the day, looking for something that could be a blog post. I was eager to entertain ideas, topics, and questions knowing that I had to create something!

If you want to be able to look back and watch your growth unfold behind you, pick one thing a day that gets you closer to where you want to be. Be persistent in chasing that object down. Do it steadily, let it grow you; it won’t be easy, but I can promise you it will be worth it.

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