Why Hashtags


Hashtags were created in 2007 on Twitter as a way to link related content. Since then they have spread to all social media platforms.

But, what do we gain in from using hashtags?

Well, I’m so glad you asked! Hashtags provide a way for us to target our content to a directed audience. Since we don’t share every hobby with our immediate friends, hashtags provide a way for other people to see content that they are interested in.

So how many hashtags should we be using?

Each platform recommends a different amount so let’s check them out!

Twitter recommends one, maybe two hashtags per post. After all, you only have 140 characters.

Facebook suggests one or two hashtags per post, but let’s be real, when was the last time we got on Facebook to see content from someone we don’t know?

Instagram, however, is where the hashtag game has built a strong foundation. While Instagram has a 30 hashtag limit, statistics show that posts with 11-15 directed hashtags are best.

You may be asking, “Randi, how do I know what hashtags I should be using?”

What a great question! You have two options to figure this one out.
You can choose to use a site like hashtagify.me or ritetag.com. They will generate and suggest popular hashtags.

You can also do the research yourself! By simply searching for the hashtags you want to use you can see how much engagement they receive.

The most important thing you want to remember is to be direct. If you used a something like #photographer your content will likely get lost in the stream of content that everyone else is is posting. By using a more directed hashtag, like #newcastlephotographer you now have a place where your target audience will see your content.

Next time, let’s talk about ways to slim down that hashtag list so that you can get the results you want. Until then, don’t be afraid to start experimenting with more direct hashtags!

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