Thriving or Surviving?

A mutual friend recently told me, “You can’t thrive when you’re tired.”

That hit me.

She continued to say, “You’ll never reach your full potential until you get restored.”

Talk about a punch in the gut.

While I’m sure she has a lot more to say to me, that was all I could handle. Without even truly knowing me, this woman was able to speak right to my biggest needs. I was exhausted.

What I see when I look around at my people is that we’re all exhausted in some way. We’re fighters. We’re yes women, we’re the go-to gals that get shit done. No to-do list is too long or task too challenging for us to get it right.

What I know about people who try to do it all is that they often times end up letting people down. When everything is in focus, what actually is in focus? If we’re trying to do all the things, we’re going to end up dropping some of those things.

What I believe about being tired is that it’s only intended for a season. When we’re exhausted we can’t grow, thrive, or develop in the ways that we desire. These exhausted seasons help us to prioritize and focus on what we want to be doing and where we want to be going.

My conclusion is it’s okay to be tired. It’s okay to be exhausted, but when you’re ready to grow – you gotta go. You have to escape the exhaustion and find rest and relaxation to thrive.

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