Week 24 & 25 at a Startup

What I’m Learning:

One cool thing I learned at work last week:

– In the past two weeks, the site has crashed twice. I’ve learned two different other ways t fix the site. The first with some data loss. The second without any data loss.

One cool thing I learned outside of work last week:

– I learned a lot about how to love my life after work. I’ve been running in the evenings, disconnecting on the weekends, enjoying the sun when it’s around!

What I’m Creating:

One example of how I created value at work last week:

– I set up our latest b2b client cohort, onboarded 2 new employees, and learned how to fix the website when it crashed.

What project I’m currently working on at my BP:

– Building out our new managers’ downloadable guide
– Hiring an ALV intern
– Celebrating membership clients
– Writing cards to new clients just starting their programs
– And the list goes on and on!

What I’m doing to become a better version of myself overall:

– I finished reading Building a Storybrand. I’m very excited to implement some of the changes and see what becomes of the brands I’m involved in.

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