Stop Shying Away

It recently hit me that sometimes it’s hard to believe we’re a founder of something, of anything. That thing could be a company, or a networking group, a book club, or a newsletter. You get the point. 😉

The side-hustle to CEO behavior and brain shift that happens is a hard one to comprehend. It’s awkward and unknown but mainly uncomfortable and uncertain.

This past week I’ve caught myself shying away from owning the things I create. “It’s just a side hustle.” “I just freelance when I feel like it.” “I’m just having fun when I have the time.”

This month I’ve decided to focus on who I’m becoming.

Every time I shy away from those things I don’t become the creative powerhouse I want to be known for. This month, I’m focusing on having the courage to show up and own the things I create.

My challenge for you?

Identify something you create that you need to own, tell someone, and then start owning it.

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