52 Things From 2018

Most people I know do these but they come up with 100 things… I either live a much less interesting life or need to start keeping a running list of things, because coming up with 52 was a challenge.

1) Learning to win the war, not the battle.
2) Coffee is a fantastic addition to life.
3) Friends aren’t the people around you they are the people you intentionally spend time with.
4) Photography is dope.
5) Philadelphia has a really intentionally loving culture.
6) Loving people isn’t as hard as it feels.
7) Adventuring is really good for your soul.
8) Exploration fuels creativity.
9) Coding challenges the way I think about result oriented outcomes.
10) Being a creature of habit isn’t a bad thing, as long as you have good habits.
11) Nothing is more satisfying than crushing your goals.
12) Finding ways to lean into your creativity never disappoint.
13) Accountability is the key to success.
14) Content creation is a lifestyle.
15) Taking time for yourself isn’t selfish.
16) You can be an overachiever without burning yourself out.
17) How much you love life is a direct result of how you feel, prioritize your health.
18) Coffee shops are a really neat place to hang out in.
19) Learning isn’t wasted time.
20) Investing in local art is a great way to create culture.
21) I bake when I’m bored.
22) There isn’t much that feeding people won’t fix.
23) I love talking about love.
24) Flowers are a really sweet gesture.
25) Every girl needs a go-to “my life is falling apart I’m gonna call you so I don’t cry” kinda friend.
26) Sometimes it’s ok to not crush every goal.
27) Twinkle lights are a mood changer. Whether you’re living in the basement or on the top floor. They make any space feel cozy.
28) Learning it’s not always about winning the battle, or the war, but the courage to start the fight and see it through that matters.
29) Just 25 pages a day (when taken seriously) is life-changing.
30) Beauty should be multidimensional.
31) I bake when I’m bored.
32) People take painkillers, not vitamins. (So making changes that aren’t immediately going to change their life won’t be something they value.)
33) I went from owning 1 scarf to owning 7. The Chicago wind is real.
34) The best friends you will ever have are the people that speak your love language.
35) Ideas spawn ideas, so it’s really important that you let your thoughts run wild every now and then.
36) I realized there is a TED Talk for just about anything. Here’s one about how to become great. Here’s one about how to trade a paperclip for a house. Here’s one about how millennials and baby boomers should learn from each other at work.
37) 147 blog posts.
38) I moved out of my parents’ house.
39) I signed a lease for the first time. It was a bittersweet day and the start of a new era.
40) Chick-fil-a lemonade lifts anyone’s spirits.
41) Love Languages are a thing.
42) Taking 30 days off of social media is one of the most freeing things a person can do for themselves.
43) Over 150 Instagram portraits.
44) Started listening to Audiobooks. So far my favorites are, Go Set a Watchman and the Harry Potters.
45) Finally grew to love my full name.
46) Traveled to Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.
47) I watched The Princess Bride 17 times.
48) I made new friends in Philadelphia and Chicago
49) I was gluten-free for a year in October.
50) I shot my first Senior photos session.
51) I performed poetry 4 times.
52) I made 702 Cold Calls.

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