Goals, We All Have Em

It’s that wonderful time of the year when everyone sets new goals for the year. They want to run a marathon, they want to lose 15 pounds, they want to write a novel. You and I both know that next year at this same time, they will be setting the same goals because “only 64 percent last longer than the first month, and only 46 percent last longer than six months.”

So by the time June comes around over 50% of people that have set goals/resolutions for the new year have stopped pursuing them for some reason or another.

Most people end up giving up because they aren’t seeing the results they want quick enough, they try to make too big of a lifestyle change all at once, they aren’t self-aware enough to know how to combat their weaknesses, and they don’t ask for help when they are in over their head.

While you may have already set goals or resolutions for 2019 I think it’s worth considering a few things to make them last longer than January.

1) Are you expecting results that are reasonable?

– I know, I know, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but seeing big results in any area; is like building compound interest. It’s something you do by starting small. Then you continue to invest and it grows quickly over time.

2) Is it going to change your entire routine?

– Setting big goals isn’t bad, but if you ever want to achieve them, you need to start by setting smaller goals and crushing them. If you want to create a habit of going to the gym, start by going once or twice a week. Something manageable and not incredibly disruptive. After a few weeks; challenge yourself to go 3 times and then 4. Pretty soon you will be in the habit of going to the gym and guess what, you didn’t have to pull teeth to make it happen!

3) Can you identify your pain points?

– We all have them. If you don’t know what yours are or more importantly how to combat them, making a change or achieving a goal is going to be much harder. Think back to all the previous goals/resolutions you never stuck with. When did you give up? What made you move on? By identifying the flaw in the system, you can come up with solutions so you can stay on track.

4) Are you comfortable asking for help?

– When we make a goal/resolution we encounter many obstacles. Sometimes, these are easily overcome. Sometimes, they hit like a semi truck. There is a big misconception that to really achieve the goals you have to do it all alone. Well, you’re wrong, asking for help doesn’t make it any less of an achievement. It makes you humble and not burnt out or stressed.

So I get it, maybe these seem ridiculous or superficial. Check in tomorrow and we can talk a little more about how to make sure you are setting yourself up for success in the New Year.

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