December PDP Write Up

This past December Ama La Vida created a downloaded guide with 52 ways to be a better person in 2019. I was just brainstorming one day when it occurred to me that how we could create a weekly Instagram challenge out of the downloadable guide. When I approached Nicole about it, she agreed that it would be cool – but she also didn’t have the time to take that project on. As the gears in my head started turning, I realized I wanted it to be my December Personal Development Project.

The Plan:

– I would make 52 graphics, one for each thing which would be shared on Ama La Vida’s Instagram stories every week.
– I would grow myself professionally by not procrastinating.
– I would grow my ability to brand other companies.

The Follow-Through:

– I did make 52 graphics.
– I learned how my procrastination kicks in.
The original plan was to take the numbers of days I had to work on the project and divide it by 52. Each day make a small step forward. When I did that, I only had to do 3-4 graphics a day. For me, it took longer to get set up to make 3-4 graphics than it did to make them. I found myself skipping a day and maybe 7-8 every other day. Well, until I came home for Christmas. Yesterday, I finished them; but I had to make 20.
– I branded Ama La Vida well.

What I learned:

– Making 52 graphics isn’t as daunting as I thought it would be.
– It’s really easy to procrastinate when the set up takes longer than the activity.
– I struggle to pursue personal development over the holidays.
– Branding a company that you love isn’t the hardest part at all.

Below is a PDF version of the graphics I made.

52 weeks (1)

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