The Last Sunday Haiku

Sunday is for rest.
Rest equals food and friends.
Restored and refreshed.

It’s a slow morning,
filled with hot coffee and peace.
Take time to journal.

It is that season.
The holidays are coming.
Savor the moments.

Christmas is coming.
It’s cinnamon roll season.
Time to deck the halls.

Christmas lights shining.
The world is merry and bright.
Hope is in the air.

Love became a verb.
Redemption was tangible.
Passion was pursued.

Life found its purpose.
As the wisemen brought you gifts.
Modeling service.

Miracles happen.
It started in a manger.
Life as we once knew it changed.

The seasons change us.
Time for a new beginning,
fresh start coming soon.



9 weeks ago I set out on a journey to tell a story through haikus. Today I conclude. Like any good story, it consisted of plot twists and rewrites, new ventures, and bad chapters. Today, I rewrote the ending for the 17th time. It’s not as smooth as I hoped, but it tells the story of time passing. Of how our focus and priorities shift and develop over time.


As we step into 2019 I’m learning how to focus, growth is great, but the only way to grow is to overcome the trials of distraction. So here’s to a year where real, intentional, long-term focus grows.

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