Christmas Traditions:

My family has never been big on Christmas Traditions. Other then the fact that Christmas comes on December 25th, each year we seem to celebrate in a new and different way.

When I was too young to remember it; we would visit family at their houses for days. Both sides, and both sides of both sides and basically didn’t spend Christmas at home.

As I got older, everyone experienced old age. My older relatives began passing, and my parents no longer had the urge to please everyone. So the number of houses we would visit on Christmas and Christmas Eve drastically reduced.

Between life and new jobs, it seems that Christmas isn’t about the day considering we have moved Christmas before and we probably wouldn’t be opposed to doing it again if the situation required it.

All that to say, Christmas has always been special because we share that time with each other. So maybe we don’t need big fancy generation old traditions, we have a celebration that fits the family. After all, it seems the Hill’s are always moving, always changing, and always trying something new. I think we would all get bored with a stiff Christmas.

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