Giving Good Gifts 101:

Tis the season when gift giving is prominent on every mind. While it may be a little late to pick up a new gift for that special someone for this year, moving forward; here are my favorite gift-giving tips to help you hit the present game out of the park. Without further ado, my favorite gift giving tips!</p.

1) Ask yourself, what is something that will make their life easier?

Giving a gift should complicate the life of the recipient. Learning how to give gifts that make their life easier is a big step in the right direction.

2) Ask yourself, what is something that they could actually use?

Everyone loves to give gifts that serve no real purpose. Getting someone a gift they will use regularly is a much better way to spend your money. Also, they will think of you when they use it which makes it even more special.

3) Ask yourself, what is something they might not spend money on; but you know they would love.

For me, it’s *another* copy of To Kill A Mockingbird. I love my old torn up almost falling apart one, it brings back so many memories. However; spicing it up and getting a classic printed version, or one with a different cover image would be a lovely gift idea.

4) Ask yourself, what’s something that will help them fuel their passion a little bit more?

Maybe it’s a new SD card for their camera so they can shoot more. Maybe new beads, so they can continue their love of beadwork. Or maybe a new sketchbook for a budding artist; you get the idea.

5) Ask yourself, how do they show love and what can you do to show them love in the same way?

Love languages are real. Newsflash, receiving gifts isn’t everyone’s love language. Learn a little bit about them and how you can speak other people’s love language. That way you can give them something intangible like quality time, or words of affirmation but they can still feel as loved as if you gave them a gift.

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