Everything Is Sales

Today I had a really neat opportunity to weigh in on a press article about selling yourself and why everyone should have basic sales experience.

It got me thinking. Well, it didn’t bring a ton of new thoughts, but it reminded of the concept “everything is sales.”

There isn’t a day that goes by when you aren’t selling something. (Some of you probably think I’m a little crazy, but hang in there.)

Every day we are repeatedly selling ourselves and convincing people of our worth. We spend the day at work selling our skills for pay. Then we have relationships in which we sell ourselves as someone that is trustworthy, safe, dependable. We also sell ourselves in friendships, we have to sell ourselves as loyal, exciting, and fun.

Every day whether we know it or not we are interacting with sellers and buyers. The fact of the matter is that in most transactions, the seller walks away better off than the buyer.

So even if you don’t work an inherent sales role, maybe it’s time you picked up a couple sales traits.

Whatcha waiting for?

Oh, you wanted me to give you a couple starting points… I gotcha…

1) Learn what your strengths are, and play to them!

This isn’t the time to let life passively happen to you. Take charge and make it happen.

2) Become someone who builds rapport easily.

Don’t make it hard for people to trust you. But also don’t expect them to trust you with their child the first time you meet them. Show them that you have shared interests/experiences as soon as you can when you meet them.

3) Learn about the art of asking open-ended questions.

How are you feeling about learning to sell yourself?

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