What I Know About A Personal Brand

Personal brands can feel awkward. However, if you leverage it right, they can be highly rewarding.

We live in 2018, so our online presence feels a lot like our identity. That being said, when you want to have a good personal brand – you have to learn how to convey your identity online.

The main goal with a strong personal brand is learning how to create content that lets people know what you love and maybe even why you love it.

The whole personal/professional social media is a joke. By simply practicing the billboard test you can avoid any potentially embarrassing situations to come and you can just keep one account that you focus on instead of trying to split your time in 2.

One final note about a good personal brand is that it’s not a highlights reel. It’s the whole film. It’s the starting of the project, the hard parts of the project, and finally being able to complete the project. It’s the snapshots that make up the bigger picture, not just the wins.

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