An Actual Elevator Pitch

Today, I had the chance to give an actual elevator pitch. I was returning to the workspace after fetching some coffee from the 2nd floor when someone asked what startup I work with.

I was a little taken aback.

I replied and naturally, they asked what we do. I gave a brief description; before I could finish, we were stepping off the elevator.

What I thought was brief didn’t actually end until about 20 seconds later.

My “elevator pitch” was too long. I was too wordy. I didn’t need to include half the information that I did.

I used to think that elevator pitches were child’s play. However, today I was confronted with the reality of an elevator pitch and was very underprepared.

Now, to work on an elevator pitch that makes sense, AND can actually be presented in the elevator.

So, what’s your elevator pitch?

If you want, send it to me; we can review it and trim it down together. —

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