How To Leverage Your Success

I’m not going to lie. This week has been filled with lots of really cool accomplishments.

Monday my ALV article went live; it got a lot more attention than we expected.

Yesterday, I sat down pounded out some personal goals and created a game plan to help me chase them in a way that will get me there.

Today I got an email from Unsplash stating that they featured one of my photos.

Success is one of these weird things cause you can’t let it go to your head, but you can channel it into the work you’re doing to help you create with excellence.

The crazy thing about some success is that it comes unexpectedly. I don’t get to choose what photos Unsplash features or pick how many people choose to read the blog.

I can, however, choose to work hard even when it feels silly. I can choose to create with excellence when it seems like nobody is watching. I can choose to present my content to the world in a way that makes it appealing.

But those are all things that I have to choose. No one can choose them for me.

So let your success be a signal of good behavior and stick with it, day in and day out. After all, someone once said: “Work hard in silence. Let success be the noise.”

The moral of the story: when you choose to focus on the small things that will set you apart, success will surely follow.

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