Days 29-35

Day 29 Day 30 Day 31 Day 32 Day 33 Day 34 Day 35 This past week I moved to Philadelphia for the summer! It was a little crazy, but that’s okay!

Value Proposition

For privacy’s sake, I’ve removed the name, but the gist is the same. Value doesn’t randomly appear, someone has to create it! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, After being a client and spending some time on your site, I have a few suggestions that could improve your booking and sales. 1) Your Contact page could use personalization. By adding…

The Truth About Travel

Travel, the age-old adventure of our souls. I adore travel. Finding and exploring new places brings my heart joy. So here is a list as to why I think everyone should travel. 1) It pushes your limits. Travel has this way of taking you outside of your comfort zone. New faces, new territory, and sometimes…

Days 22-28

Day 22) Day 23) Day 24) Day 25) Day 26) Day 27) Day 28)

Putting Big Ideas To Use pt 4.

Module 4 Week 4 recap. The home stretch. We chat a little more about culture but a lot more about creativity as a whole. Check it out! You can read Breaking Smart too!