Putting Big Ideas To Use pt. 3

Module 4 week 3 recap! Talking commerce, culture, and creativity. How has patronage, the market, and institutionalized support influenced the history of the world we know. Click here, to check it out.

Days 15-21

Day 15) This week started with a last minute shoot with a good friend. Stephen was a blast; we ended up laughing and chatting more than we shoot, but that’s ok! Day 16) I couldn’t choose. pt. 1 — Abby and Sadie! I’ve been able to watch these girls grow up for almost 3 years;…

Putting Big Ideas To Use pt.2

This month I’m jumping around getting things done before I head to Philly. That being said, here is my week 2 recap!

Get Lost In It

The ability to get lost in something is an underrated skill. You never know how far you can take something if you refuse to go all in. Obsessions don’t define your life, but you don’t ever learn anything unless you go all in. Without exploring the ins, the outs, the lefts, and the rights, you…

One Step At A Time

As my days in New Castle are numbered it feels like I have 700 things to finish up! Today, I took on a to-do list much bigger than I could have ever accomplished. The bottom line, I didn’t let it’s size scare me. I got a LOT of it done. I primed myself for a…