Wit Beyond Measure

This morning I was struck by a line that made me realize how much I thrive off some people.

That line is a work of art from J.K. Rowling, no doubt. She says,“Wit beyond measure is a man’s greatest treasure.”

I then proceeded to spend a few hours with a friend that challenges my view of the world. She’s a friend that makes me think about things further and differently than I ever would alone. She’s a friend that has a soul for adventure and a heart for justice. She’s one of my only naturally witty friends.

I love her for the way we can banter endlessly until our minds tire, only to rest for a little and start all over again on another subject. I love that we don’t miss a beat between countering each other’s remarks and applauding at our own defeat.

If I could offer you one piece of advice find a friend whose wit challenges you and never let them go. For the sake of your own thought process, find yourself a friend that challenges you to view the whole picture.

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