Bitterness Binds

We all face things day in and day out that have the potential to make us bitter. With every moment we can choose to partner with the bitterness that abounds from our heart or we can choose to walk in humility.

I want to start by defining humility. Humility is hard because people think it’s relative. In reality, humility is no more relative than seeing pigs fly. Most definitions of humility will focus on holding a low self-image, the art of being humble. I want to focus on a different definition of humility.

To walk in truth.

When we walk in truth, we have less of a chance to be bound in bitterness. Simply because the facts never change. Our feelings are subjective and relative the facts are a steady ground.

“Truth is eternal. Knowledge is changeable. It is disastrous to confuse them.” – Madeleine L’Engle

Bitterness is a dangerous emotion. It attacks in the midst of envy, pride, and joy. It comes only to rob you of the pleasures you could enjoy. Bitterness is a thief hiding in the darkness.

Truth acts like a light. It illuminates the darkness, and it brings peace to the chaos. The ability to distinguish truth and knowledge is learned, slowly, over the course of a lifetime.

The problem of bitterness comes from two places. First, it comes from our emotions. If you don’t know, this could be a shocker – your emotions aren’t always right! They can be confusing and mislead. Second, it comes from giving it an inch. When we let a toxic mindset take hold in one area of our life, it can quickly seep into our entire thought process.

What I propose is that we start focusing on things that are rooted in the truth. This way we don’t give bitterness a foothold. Without a place to dwell, it won’t ever find a home.

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