Your Soul Needs An Adventure

I would like to start by saying that an adventure doesn’t have to be huge. You most certainly can adventure to France if that suits you. I, however, am talking about adventuring to the unknown of the community around you.

Go visit your favorite childhood parks, walk in the woods, and take cheesy pictures. Your soul needs to be surrounded by nature every now and then.

As the weather finally starts to break, I want to start adventuring again. I want to explore the local gems. With the right people, even the most boring location can be fun.

I started reading Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder today. There was a quote that stuck out to me because it starts the bases of philosophy.

It says,“It seems as if in the process of growing up we lose the ability to wonder about the world.”

Wonder about the world in a new light over these next few weeks. Adventure into the ordinary and find something captivating.

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