Your Most Creative Self

I read an article recently that talk about how you are most creative between 5 and 7 AM. As someone who has been rising at 5 AM for the majority of this past year, I simply scoffed. There was no way I was most creative from 5-7 AM. It had been nine months, and yet, no huge thoughts ever floated my way between 5 and 7 AM.

Well, as I have conquered the 30-day blogging challenge this past month; I learned that creativity is a habit. The task of creating content regularly is much harder than one would imagine. You have to train your brain to explore its limits and create something new.

My point to these two somewhat unrelated thoughts is that when you are in the habit of creative 5-7 AM becomes a crucial period. This morning I rose at 5 and was struck by a fantastic blog post idea.

I WISH I could tell you what it was. I dismissed the idea saying “I’ll remember it later.” What a waste of brain power. I have searched my brain all day trying to recall this brilliant idea.

What I’ve learned is that your brain functions the best right after you wake up. So when you can get up a little earlier than the rest of the world to remove distractions; you can create some pretty awesome things.

I’m going to be a little more contentious about using my post-sleep brain power more effectively, what about you?

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