No, You Move.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved a good superhero movie. I would bet I enjoy them for different reasons than most though.

I am not a huge fan of action movies. I don’t like big explosions, fight scenes, or even watching the underdog pull ahead. What I do like, well love, is watching people rally for a common goal.

My favorite part of every good super-hero movie is when the protagonist experiences a burst of inspiration. When the protagonist is walking in defeat but see hope on the horizon. I would call this the climax of every good super-hero story. I like to call this moment the ignition; it’s the moment they discover a renewed passion to fight the battle.

Let me set the typical scene for you; they are in the heat of battle, hope is on the brink of extinction. When all of a sudden, a lesser character gives an inspiring speech. At that moment all hope is found; the fire that once risked burning them down; has now become the fire that refines them for victory.

I often find that throughout my day’s I receive bursts of inspiration. They keep me going; they put a little bounce in my step. I’m currently at an impasse in life, but that’s ok because I’m not moving. I’ve found my burst of inspiration, and I’m ready to stand my ground.

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